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Laael Johnson
Myofunctional Therapist


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My journey into the field of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy started in 2018 during a continuing education course. During this course, they discussed many symptoms my patients have in common - chronic inflammation of the gums, gum disease, high cavity rates, dry mouth, crooked teeth, narrow palates, TMJ pain, headaches, poor sleep etc.

Red Flags

With the basic understanding of Myofunctional therapy, I started noticing more and more patients, especially children, including my own son, had many of the ‘red flags’ the course had referred to. So now, I was left with a problem and no understanding how to fix it or prevent it from happening in the first place. I knew there had to be a better way. After continued education in the Myofunctional therapy-airway space, I began treating children and adults.


Open Doors

In 2019, I opened my private practice where I evaluate and treat root causes of mouth breathing, snoring, sleep apnea, poor sleep, over crowded teeth, tongue-tie and more. I work with a team of providers that include orthodontists, pediatric dentists, ENTs, lactation specialists, and oral surgeons. With this interdisciplinary team, my patients have successfully returned to eating, breathing, growing and sleeping better.


A Better Way

Inspired by the success of my patients, I continue to educate pediatricians, dentists, and other medical providers, regarding the importance of correct nasal breathing, proper oral rest posture, chewing and sleeping. After all, my educational background as a dental hygienist is in preventative care, so why ‘wait and see’ what happens when most issues surrounding systemic and oral health problems can be prevented. I've found a better way.

Family Connection

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Where it all started.

I grew up, and currently live, in the heart of the Adirondacks of Northern New York! These mountains couldn't be more picture-perfect for all of the outdoor adventures my family and I like to take. We also have a gorgeous lake perfect for summer relaxation. I am less than an hour from Montreal, Canada, where my family and I often go to explore all the beautiful city has to offer. 

I met my husband at 16 years old and after both graduating from college, we returned home to continue our story. My husband started teaching at a local elementary school. I started my career as a dental hygienist and continue to work in a private general dentistry practice.


In 2015, we welcomed our first son, Madox. And in 2017, we welcomed our second son, Coen. As a family of four, we can often be found hiking and biking when the weather is nice. We try to escape on warm-weather vacations during the long, cold North Country winters, When I'm not pretending to be on a tropical vacation, we do manage to find joy in snowshoeing and sledding.

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