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Let's Work Together

We offer a FREE 30 minute Telehealth video consultation to learn about your specific needs and how we can help. 

What to Expect

  • Registration link to our private patient portal will be sent upon scheduling

  • Private Telehealth link sent 1 day prior to scheduled appointment for our video conference

  • Review of provider's referral

  • Review of patient questionnaires - sent when booking free consultation and must be filled out 24 hours prior to consultation. 

  • Review of immediate concerns/symptoms

  • Review 4 main goals of Myo and how that applies to you on an individualized basis

  • Meet and greet with child (if the patient is a child)

  • Review treatment time, frequency, and financial commitments 

  • Recommendations to implement prior to the start of therapy


*If you prefer a phone call consultation we can accommodate this. Laael prefers to meet her patients via video to obtain a better understanding of the patient's needs. Oftentimes, pediatric patients will be asked to join the video call for a few minutes to say hi, introduce themselves and talk about why they may see Laael in the future and what goal will be achieved together. This gives the child a better understanding of treatment goals and gives Laael time to assess the child's ability to understand directions, which is essential for successful therapy!

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