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Myofunctional Therapy

Myofunctional Therapy is an individualized program of exercises that help restore strength and coordination to the muscles of the face and tongue. When we retrain dysfunctional muscles, we optimize functions like breathing, chewing, swallowing, and speaking. Often, patients recognize an improvement in teeth alignment, oral hygiene, TMJ pain, stability of orthodontic treatment, facial esthetics, and skeletal growth.

The Four Main Goals of Therapy

Nasal Breathing

Nasal breathing promotes nitric oxide which is essential for our bodies to optimally function. Mouth breathing negatively impacts the development and structure of the mouth and face.

Lip Seal

Having proper lip seal will promote proper jaw growth lowering your risk for tooth decay and gum disease,  along with prevention of systemic health conditions. Lip seal also helps to promote nasal breathing.

Tongue Position

Making sure your tongue is in the correct position, along with palate, is essential in upper jaw and facial development, nasal breathing, and swallowing.


By not swallowing correctly, you absorb more air. This has been linked to digestive issues like stomach pains,  

acid reflux, and even constipation.

The Connection Between
Muscle Dysfunction and Symptoms

When facial muscles are dysfunctional, they are not working in harmony. This will influence chronic jaw pain, headaches, facial pain, grinding, or clenching of your teeth. 

Poor oral rest posture will increase the likelihood for mouth breathing and will cause a disturbance  to the natural mechanics of your entire  body causing symptoms like fatigue, chronic nasal congestion, allergies, poor sleep, depression/anxiety and an increased risk for sleep disordered breathing like snoring and sleep apnea.

Dysfunctional muscles will cause improper alignment of teeth and an unstable bite leading to the need for orthodontics. Most patients find they have a relapse years after they completed orthodontics or find they are in orthodontics for a long time. This is because the muscles influence our alignment and how our jaws develop.   


Improper swallowing can  lead to acid reflux, digestive issues, like constipation, difficulties when biting and chewing and poor speech production. Tongue-ties can also contribute all of the above symptoms.

What to Expect

After your free consultation, we'll schedule a comprehensive exam where we will review your history of the following: (Some may not apply to you)



Breastfeeding difficulties/success

Medical history from infancy to adulthood

Habits such as thumb, finger sucking, nail biting

Speech & articulation

Eating & swallowing

Sleep patterns & habits

Snoring, sleep disturbance, sleep apnea

Mouth Breathing vs. Nasal Breathing

Tongue posture


Jaw pain & dysfunction

Head, neck & facial pain

Facial structure & growth patterns

Orthodontic treatment

Body posture

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My Message to Parents:

Growth is not linear…

There is no direct path for treatment needs. The path to successful treatment has twists and turns. It takes time, patience and dedication. This is a new skill your child will learn, just like math & ABCs. These skills will carry them through childhood and influence their health and wellbeing for a lifetime. Remember to celebrate the progress, no matter how big or how small. There is a process and I’m with you every step of the way.

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